Mr. Theerasak Chatthong
(Arjarn Ton)

Director of Gallerydeamulets
& Ancient Thai Amulets Specialist



* Study and research in Ancient Thai Amulets Archeology for powder and metal base amulets over 20 years.
* Expert in verification of Thai Amulets physical analysing and scientific method.
* Author the book of Phra Kring Pawareth, the first writer about Phra Kring Pawareth in Thailand, which is generally accepted among the amulets collectors.
* Chairman of Ancient Thai Amulets Conservation Club.
* Committee of Thai Amulets Competition Events which were held in Thailand and aboard. 

Mr. Kantabandhit  Chantasakda
(Arjarn Bandhit)

Vice President of Gallerydeamulets
& International Business Developement Director
Mr. Kantabandhit took care of President George H.W Bush, 41st President of U.S., when visited Bangkok in A.D. 2005 

Mr. Kantabandhit took care of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden, when visited Bangkok in A.D. 2006 


* President of Professional Tourist Guide Association of Thailand (PGAT) in A.D. 1983-1984 and 1986-1987.

* Honorary tour guide to VVIP of the world.
* Public Relations of Association of Thai Travel Agents (ATTA) in A.D. 1997-1998.
* Guest Speaker of School of The Oriental Hotel Apprenticeship Programme (OHAP) in Thailand.
* Lecturer in the subject of Thai Traditional & Culture, Buddhist Arts and Archeology to Faculty of Tourism Industry both private and public university since A.D.1977 to present.
* Ancient Thai Amulets Collector over 40 years since A.D. 1980.


Mr. Kritnarong Phudai
(Arjarn Krit)

Senior Scientific Amulets Specialist

Mr. Chairat Naranantarat
(Arjarn Chai)

Senior Scientific Amulets Specialist 
Mr. Panuwat Srisanga

Coordinator Admin & Lawyer

WELCOME TO GALLEYDEAMULETS.COM was founded by group of Thais collectors and various fields of archeology professional. The purpose of our gallery is to disseminate knowledge of the study findings to those interested both Thais and foreigners and to protect damage or distort the truth by those seeking to benefit for truly authenticity purpose. All piece of amulets in our gallery can share to all interested customers with fair price. Our services include amulets and antique sourcing provider as to customer specifications aligned with purpose of usage and budgeting.

We are the group of collector and expertise in genuine antique Buddha Amulets, talismans and artifacts from Thailand. You can trust that the items are rare, sacred and real. Our gallery is located in Bangkok, Central of Thailand. We have the team who are specialist in verification Thai antique amulets and talismans in Thailand. Most of amulets are inspected and authenticated by expert of each amulet category. The guidance to analyze real or fake for “Amulet Science Methodology" by focusing on content texture, mixtures of ingredients, surface figure and age reaching to created period in main principle and mould is the following consideration step. With our strongly concept in amulet science method, the mistakes were scarcely found in distinguishing between real and fake.
All of you are welcome to contact our Gallery to exchange knowledge and view or whatever related to Buddhist artifacts email to: Thank you very much for your visiting our website.


For centuries, Thai Buddhists have been carrying amulets which we believed that can provide good luck and protection. This cultural norm of using amulets as protective and good luck charm has huge followings in the Thai Buddhism and has a large influence in many South East Asian countries. It is believed that Thai amulets and talismans can be used to avert danger, to dispel evil to protect from disease and even to help on gain great wealth, fortune, charm and success while at work or business or home. Thai amulets and talismans made of terracotta, herb, sacred powder form with many different mixtures of ingredients that are press into a mould and baked to form the desired shapes. Besides, amulets can be casted from metal or carved out from a piece of wood. After molding the amulets, there will be spell by monks in order to give luck and protection to those who will wear them.

Besides giving luck and protection, Thai Amulets can be worn just like any other piece of jewelry after wrapping with a gold or silver casting with the intent to honor the amulet as well as to enhance its aesthetic beauty. In this scenario, Thai amulets will be referred as Thai amulet pendants or Thai amulet jewelry, which makes the amulet piece more attractive and stunningly beautiful that can be handed down to the next generation. The unique art style and beautiful image also make Thai Buddhist Amulets to be the most famous and most wanted.

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