Phra Somdej Wat Keschaiyo


* Phra Somdej Wat Keschaiyo 84,000 pieces were created and blessed by Somdej Toh and stored in the large Buddha image at Wat Keschaiyo, Angthong Province in B.E. 2409. Later time, in B.E.2526, the temples was renovated and found large numbers of Phra Somdej at Wat Keschaiyo 

* The unique characteristic of the moulds are in the form of rectangular shape with the Buddha sitting on 3 to 7 tiers. The Buddha’s sitting posture is positioned inside a double frame known as mirror frame.  There are 2 type of chests: full and hallow chest and 2 type of ears: long curved and triangle.

* The amulet texture is fine, rough and strong lime substance. Tung oil was usd as adhesive agent. No harden soil stain was found due to store inside big image Buddha in Chapel. Colors are white, yellow and brown. 

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