Phra Kampang Soomkor


* Phra Kampang Soomkor were created in the era of King Maha DharmarajaLitai, the 5th King of Sukhothai in B.E. 1900 (A.D.1357), age over 650 years. The memorandum found in Wat Phraboromthat mentioned that Phra Kampang Soomkor were made by 11 ascetics for presentation of expanding Buddha religion and kept in repository site in various temples nearby area called “Tung Sesthi” or Millionaires Field to preserve longer of  Buddhism.

* Amulets were first discovered on B.E. 2392 in Wat Phra Boromthat, Kampangpetch Province when Somdej Toh went there to visit his relatives in B.E. 2392. He found Wat Phra Boromthat by reading from the old stone scripture. After the temple was recognixed, it was demolished for reconstruction, so the numbers of amulets were found. Later in B.E.2505 -2509, amulets were discovered again by folk villagers.

* The amulets were typically unique characteristic in  early of Sukhothai mixed Lanka which is very beautiful arts. The Buddha image sit in square shape with curved on top and straight base, with linear and without linear decorative inside. The amulets were made of baked clay, flower pollens and herbs 108,  sacred minerals and metal powder, The texture is smooth, fine and hard. 

* In the present, Phra Soomgor amulets are one famous of old Phra Kru types which outstanding power in bringing wealth and lucky. There was a slogan that “If you have me, you will never get poor” as mentioned in palm leaves scripture memorandum, including healthy, protection from all dangers and good fortune. Phra Soomkor is the one of 5 most famous and powerful amulets from Thailand in set of Benjapakee.

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ARTICLE: Phra Kampang Soomkor


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