Phra Nangphaya


* Phra Nang Phaya, honored as “Queen of Amulet” since the amulets were created by Queen Pha Wisutkasattri who was wife of King Maha Thammarachathiraj and being King Naresuan’s mother during mid of Ayutthaya period, around 450 years ago.

* In B.E.2106. there was a war break out. Burma troops had surround Pitsanulok, That's why the 1st batch of  Phra Nangphaya were created in order to give for all soldiers. Since initial batch were created during war period, therefore the quality and aesthetic were not neat but corse and rough. In B.E.2112, Ayutthaya lost to Burma, Phra Nangphaya amulets were given among all people and troops for motivation to gain freedom back from Burma.

Afterwards, King Naresuan succeeded the throne in B.E.2133. After gaining victory at the war, he announced to renovate Wat  Nang Phaya, Wat Phra Sri Rattanamahathat and Wat Rajburana where were built by his parents. King Naresuan also ordered to create the next batch of Phra Nang Phaya to give and protect the soldiers. The 2nd batch of Phra Nang Phaya was much more alluring and well-made than  initial version. The rest  the amulets were kept in the pagodas of the three mentioned temples. The incantation ceremony of the amulets was held in Wat Phra Sri Rattanamahathat and blessed by many sacred monks.

* Phra Nangphaya is the Buddha amulets in triangle shape portrays a Buddha in the attitude of subduing Mara  which left hand lay on the lap and right hand bends over the knees which symbolizes enlightenment and imperturbable. Materials of earth  were formed the amulet mixed with sacred clay, flower pollens, mythical minerals, gravels, golden and silver sand, etc. The texture is rather coarse resulting of little gravels and minerals. There are in 6 colours, yellow, red, green, orange brick, brown and black.

* Phra Nangphaya were discovered in Wat Nangphaya after many centuries past, around B.E.2442-2444 at the first time when King Rama V visited Pitsanulok. In preparation for the vising of the King, renovations were made and amulets in large numbers are found underground. Subsequently, Phra Nangphaya were presented to the King and he gave some to his officials . While the remaining were brought back to Bangkok and kept in Wat Inthrawiharn. Last time, they found again in B.E.2487.

* Phra Nangphaya are famous in bulletproof, protection from danger, bring strong charm with attractiveness and respectful from all others, wealth and good fortune. Phra Nangphaya become one of the most famous amulets in Thailand in the set of Benjapakee, the amulets are old, rare and valuable.

* Estimated Price



US$30,000 up

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