Phra Phongsuphan


* Phra Phong Suphan was created by Hermit Phra Mathera Piya Thassi Saribut in the reign of King Phra Maha Dhammaracha Lithai in B.E.1890 (A.D. 1347) in Sukhothai period, age over 670 years. Its amulets were first found at Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat, Suphanburi Province, along with a golden scripture.

* Phra Phong Suphan has the classic “U-Thong” art style. The unique about this amulets are the crator’s thumbprint is imprinted on the back of the amulet.

* Materials comprise sacred clay, flower pollen, herbs 108, minerals, etc.  Phra Phong Suphan amulets typically come in four colors: brick, black, green and brown. It has three notable moulds: Pim Nah Noom (young face), Pim Nah Klang (Middle age face) and Pim Nah Kae (old face).

* The amulets are known to have protective power and enhancing the attractiveness of worshiper.It is highly regarded as one of the best amulets out there, and also part of the grand five Benjapakee set.

* Estimated Price



US$30,000 Up

ARTICLE: Phra Phong Suphan


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