Phra Rod Lampoon


* Phra Rod is the oldest amulet in Thailand, found at Wat Mahawan, Lampoon Province, Northern of Thailand. The Buddhist arts were mixed between Davarawadi and Srivichai in the middle age of Haripoonchai period in B.E.1223 (A.D. 680) date back over 1,300 years.

* Phra Rod amulets were created by 4 great hermits in the reign of Queen Chama Dhevi who supported the amulets creation ceremony. The purpose of creation was to be tradition of the king and religious renewal, strengthening prosperity and protection of the city. Giving the amulets to military was to be mental restraint tool to fight with invader enemies.

*Phra Rod amulets have accepted that they have superb Buddhistic power in good fortune and charming, especially in protection and being safe from all dangers and disasters. Phra Rod Wat Mahawan is the oldest amulets in the Five Grand set of Benjapakee series.

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ARTICLE: Phra Rod Lampoon 


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