Phra Somdej Wat Rakhang - Lacquer & Gilded


* Lacquering & Gilded (called in Thai "RongRak PidThong LongChad") is fine art of Thailand since late of Ayutthaya period and highest prosperous in Rattanakosin period during B.E.2367-2411. It is classified under the work of Chang Sip Moo (Ten Division of Traditional Thai Craftsmen). Rak is black lacquer, there were both from Thai and imported from China. For Chad, it is red lacquer which was imported from China only. They are coating materials to preserve surface and texture of Phra Somdej by brushing or dipping both frontside and backside or frontside only

* The purpose of gilded was decoration process of external amulets surface beautifully. Besides, Thais Buddhist believe that gold leaf pasting on amulets will make prosperous life, wealthy, career promotion and business growth.

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