Phra Somdej Wat Rakhang - Late Age


* The amulets were created during B.E.2407-2415 which are the most popular among Phra Somdej amulet collectors in Thailand.

* Almost amulets are fine texture type, look soft and oily but dry surface due to aging process over 150 years. Most of them are beautifully Buddhist art with perfect proportions. There were the unique  characteristics of the mould by adapted various Buddhist art style in Thai historical periods to design the image Buddha such as Chiangsaen, Sukhothai, U-Thong, Ayutthaya. Almost amulets moulds in late age were designed by Chang Luang (Royal Craftsmen).

* There were various ingredients of Phra Somdej Wat Rakhang in late age. Besides ground burnt-shell lime, other types of limestones were used additionally, which obtained from natural sources within Thai country and some parts were imported from aboard e.g., China, etc. Other value ingredients were mixed such as granulated gemstones e.g., jade, ruby etc., auspicious stones, sacred metals and minerals. Tung oil were fully used as adhesive agent for homogenously texture durable and tough.

ARTICLES: Phra Somdej Wat Rakhang

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