* LP Boon was born in B.E. 2391 in Samut Sakorn province and passed away in B.E. 2478 at the age of 86. When he was childhood, he was seriously illness to the extent of stop breathing.  His relatives thought that he was dead and was almost wanted to bury him, but miraculously he recovered and later was named "Boon" (meaning merit) by his parents.

* He ordained at Wat KlangBangKaew in B.E. 2412 after being a novice in the temple since he was 15 years old. He began to study and practice incantation until successfully completed the subject "Maha Jindamanee Mantra"  His Buddhist name was “Khantachote” Later in the year of B.E. 2459, LP Boon was appointed as a preceptor and in the year B.E. 2473, he was promoted to the rank of Phra Buddhawitheenayok.

* LP Boon started creating amulets when he was the abbot of Wat KlangBangKaew at around B.E. 2429. He had created many types of amulets texture ranging from Metal such Phra Chaiwat, Phra Neua Din (baked clay), Phra Neua Phong (powder), Phra Neua Phongyajindamanee, Phra Neua Wahn (Herb), Takrut, Bia Gae, Riean Chao Sua (an auspicious meaning in Chinese), etc.
* LP Boon was a very special monk who had attained very high level of Buddhist practice.  His enormous knowledge on Bhddhakom, was one of the greatest pre-war guru monk of the country. The amulets he created during the earlier period of his life when he was the abbot of Wat KlangBangKaew till his decease were very much in high demand by collectors and devotees whom believed in the power of LP Boon’s amulets which possesses Metta Mahaniyom (charm or attractiveness) especially the Pong Ya Jintamanee, a special concocted mixture of herbs made by LP Boon which have power to cure bad sickness, protect wearer from problem, obstacles, bad things and black magic. 

ARTICLE: LP Boon, Wat Klang Bang Kaew


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