* Phra Chaiwat amulets were initially created since Ayutthaya period before Phra Kring Pawareth's creation. The memorandum mentioned that Phra Chaiwat amulets were created by using the unique
 ancient scripture text inherited from Ayutthaya ancestor. Formerly, Phra Chaiwat was representing the big Buddha Image in small size or so-called "Mini Buddha Stutue",  ancestors would use to carry along with body and have it handy to everywhere for protection and auspiciousness.

* The Characteristic feature of Phra Chaiwat is similar to Phra Kring but size is smaller. Obviously, almost Phra Chaiwat does not contain a metal ball bearing inside its hollow metal casted body unlike Phra Kring except Phra Chaiwat Pawareth model which bell contains inside.

* In the present, due to small size of amulet, it is suitable for ladies and children wearing. The amulet effects are bringing good luck, prosperity, counteract bad events, illness and misfortune, protection from harms and dangers.

* Estimated Price



US$50,000 Up

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