1. The Seller means Gallerydeamulets, 3 rd Floor, Room B222, Bangsue Junction Building, Chatuchak, Bangkok, Thailand.

2. Any representation or statement in any catalogue which includes any advertisement, brochure, estimated selling price or other literature or publication or in website as to attribution, genuineness, origin, date, age or condition, or estimated selling price, is a statement based on long experience of amulets specialist team, studying from various reliable sources and related scientific instruments as preliminary check. Every interested person should exercise and rely on his or her own discretion as to such matters. Neither Gallerydeamulets, nor its servants are responsible of different information or opinion obtained from third party after purchasing.

3. All items are sold, the buyers should satisfy themselves prior to the sales as to the condition of each product and whether or not such product accords with its description. The seller shall not be responsible if the buyer is not satified with the product after purchasing unless product does not match with the specifications listed, the buyer will recieve a full refund.

4. The ownership of any products purchased shall not pass to the buyer until payment in full of the total amount due has been received by Gallerydeamulets.

5. The Seller shall be responsible for loss or damage to products purchased from the time of sale until shipping and neither Gallerydeamulets nor its servants will thereafter be responsible for any loss or damage of any kind whether caused by negligence or otherwise while any product is in buyer custody or under buyer control.

6. The Buyers will be responsible any unnecessary or wilful damage that may be done by servants or workmen in the removal of any of the product sold.

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