Phra Somdej creation Period

Phra Somdej creation Period

Q:  How many creation period and how to classify Phra Somdej in each period?

A:  Creation period of Phra Somdej can be divided into 3 ages

1. Early of Somdej Toh's age: B.E. 2380 - B.E.2393 (A.D.1837-1850)

2. Middle of Somdej Toh's age: B.E. 2394 - B.E. 2406 (A.D.1851-1863)

3. Late of Somdej Toh's age: B.E. 2407 - B.E. 2415 (A.D.1864-1872)

Description Early PeriodMiddle and Late Period
1. CallingPhra PimPhra Somdej
(starting from B.E. 2407)
2.Block,Mould DesignCreated by folk craftsmen
(Ban ChangLor Village)
beautiful classic/ easily crack/
shatter skin since lacking
of technical skill and tools.
Created by royal craftman,
beautiful arts
and lesser crack.
3. SizeNo standard
and unscale
(big, small,
thick, thin)

Set outsize
W: 2.4-2.6 cms,
L: 3.1-3.3 cms,
H: 4-6 mm

4. Line Control FrameNoYes
5. Mixture Compound ColorShell lime, cookrice
and other materials.
Color: yellow, white,
cloudy white

Shell lime, Lime stone,
Cookrice, banana, jackfruit, etc
Color: white, yellow,
brown, light brown,
light greyish, pale green.

6. Cement AgentSticky sugarcane syrup, honeyYes, using Tung oil

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