Introduction of Benjapakee

Introduction of Benjapakee

Benjapakee can be separated into “Benja” means five and “Pakee” means participation or joining. The meaning in the case of Buddha amulets is taking all five types of amulets to be joined in one group.

The set of Benjapakee is the grouping of Buddha amulet from type or same type but different builders as well as amulets in the same type but from different pagodas where the amulets were found. This process is accepted and same understand internationally.

The latest of Buddha amulets grouping, there are 5 types of amulets joined into Benjapakee set. This set is high desirable till nowadays. Called Benjapakhi Buddha amulet most preferation set. The grouping of this set is due to the collectors’ concepts which the author about Buddha amulets use to be a norm. The author in pen-name “Triyampawai” (Prachon Kitiprawad) a well known amulets collector in former period, accompanied by other collectors managed the grouping of most preference Benjapakhi.

At the first time, Benjapakee set of most preferable selected only the Buddha amulets from large sets of each amulets type. There are Phra Rod Pim Yai, Phra Kampang Leela Metkhanun, Phra Nang Phya Pim Kao Khong, Phra Phong Suphan Pim Nakae and Phra Somdej Wat Rakang Pim Yai. So this set is supposed to be the best of Benjapakee large set. After that the quantity of Buddha amulets in large set is rare. So for suitable with situation Buddha amulets in any pim from each type can be allowed to group in a set of 5 amulets.
Benjapakee set of most preferation is highly responsed by people since 50-60 years ago. The set is most wanted among Buddha amulets in Thailand, because of combination by best amulets of each type. Best of clay amulets is Phra Rod. Best of Phra Kru Tung Sesti is Phra Leela Metkhanun and Phra SoomKor. Best of Phra Nang Phya is Phra Nang Phya Pitsanulok. Best of Suphan family is Phra PhongSuphan. And best of powered Phra Somdej amulets all 3 temples by Somdej Phra Buddhachrn Toh Promrangsri.

The joining of the 5 best amulets is recognized that King of all Buddha amulets which cover in case of Buddhism fine art, the old age and holiness nice shape for hanging on necklace.

Although the time is passing so long but preference in Benjapakee is always high and immortal that everyone wants to get in posession.

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