How to mold metal amulets in old style of mould pouring

How to mold metal amulets in old style of mould pouring

How to mold metal amulets in old style of mould pouring:

Bouquet with lost-wax casting technique

Before starting to mold the metal amulets, worship to holy things must be done firstly.

Stream beeswax until melting and then pouring into carving mould.

Waiting until temperature cool down and remove wax statue from mould.

Decorate details on wax statue by using wood stick. In this step, each of statue may be different in details due to individual decorated by manual but printing and figure remain unchanged.

Each wax statue decorated would be stuck on candle stem at the base.

Bringing all of them to stick on candle pillar again which look like a wax tree.

Mixed cow dung and fine grained soil in the bowl.

Filter mixtures by using filter cloth.

Looking like mud after filtering.

Coat all of them with filtered mud approximately 7- 8 times.

Wax statues after coating with mud many times until thickening.

Bringing clay mixed with sand to wrap up covering all wax model with stem.

Using wire binding all over to make it strenghten and cover with coarse -grained clay topping on wire again.

Making bottlenose bigger to make it easy when pouring melted sacred metal inside.

Bring all wax statues and turn over bottlenose to the ground when burnt.

In this step called "Lost-wax casting technique", beeswax inside had been melted and driven out by heat. As long until ensure that nothing of beeswax inside remains and inside is in vacuum condition in order to prepare for pouring metal in mould which will be showing in next step.

These are all sacred metal materials prepared for burning into liquid and pouring in socket further.

Burnt all materials in fire.

Burnt until all materials melt into liquid.

Pouring liquid or "Tae Thong" (in Thai) into socket which beeswax had been driven out as said in prior step.

Pouring until completely all sockets.

Pound socket with hammer after cooling down temperature.

Continue to pound until soil covering removed all.

Finally, getting the metal amulet inside.

Notice that there are stains of socket from soil when coating in prior process. This is one of notification point to authenticate ancient metal amulet whether real or fake.

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