Phra Kring Chinabunchorn Code No.59 (๕๙ in Thai number) Silver plated-LP Tim Watlahanrai B.E. 2515 issued by Wat Chaojed, Ayutthaya Province


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Creator: LP Tim Isarigo
Blessed by: LP Tim Isarigo
Year / Age: B.E. 2515 (A.D. 1972) , ~ 49 years
Temple: Wat Laharnrai, Rayong Province.
Issued by: Wat Chaojed,  Ayutthaya  province , Thailand
Materials: Samrit (Bronze) ,Silver plate
Size: 2.0x3.8 cms.
Content Texture / Color: Metal.
Amulet Effects: Prosperity, business success, personal charm and good fortune. Protection from harms and danger.

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